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Slovenia Expects EU Semester Recommendations


The country was among those receiving the longest lists of warnings over the past two years as it was dealting with macroeconomic imbalances that for a period in 2013 threatened to force it to seek international aid.

But after implementing a series of measures which have helped turn the economy around, it is no longer expected to be under such extreme scrutiny, especially after it was deemed free of macroeconomic imbalances earlier this year.

This was also confirmed by Finance Minister DuĊĦan Mramor, who said on the margins of a meeting of EU finance ministers that he expected the Commission to issue fewer recommendations and in less detail than in the past two years.

Slovenia was ranked second in terms of implementing the necessary measures in the past year, said Mramor on the margins of a meeting of EU finance ministers in Brussels, implementing over half of the recommendations.

In spite of this, it can also expect to hear some repeat warnings, most notably about the need to respond to population ageing.

The country will also be reminded that it needs to complete the implementation of the fiscal rule and press ahead with reforms to secure sustainable growth.

Mramor told his EU counterparts that he hopes the fiscal rule will be fully implemented by June.


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