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Minister Says Durabus Has Itself to Blame for Incentive Delay


While visiting some of the successful local companies, Počivalšek did not make a stop at the Chinese-Dutch joint venture that re-launched bus production in Maribor in the spring of 2013.

He explained that a decision had already been made in 2013 by the then government in favour of the incentive and that the money was there but Durabus was not able to secure a bank guarantee and meet commitments.

The current government confirmed the incentive in December, albeit lowering it, and talks are said to be under way.

"One has to know that some commitments need to be met for EUR 2m in state money, meaning an appropriate bank guarantee...and meeting the commitment to newly employ an exact number of people."

The minister argued Durabus has primarily itself to blame for the promise remaining unfulfilled. He stressed that the incentive would be paid out this year, provided the conditions are met.


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