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Contemporary Opera Opens in Ljubljana


The production takes on a modern twist of the tenth child, who, according to folk tradition, is either a deity or a demon and must leave home, wondering around the world like an orphan.

The operatorio, a combination of opera and oratorio, is a metaphor for modern society, which continues to exclude those who are different, according to the authors.

Makarovič said ahead of the premiere that she and Lazar though a lot about evil, witchcraft and spells while writing the piece.

Rocc, the artistic director of the Ljubljana SNG Opera and Ballet House, said that for the first time ever since the opera house has reopened after extensive renovations a show will use the full potential of the new hall.

The choir members will sing from the boxes and the stage will be extended, said Rocc, who also directed the opera. "The things that are not in the libretto are conveyed by the music, the set design", dramaturg Tatjana Ažman added.

The authors of the operatorio play with numbers, magic, the society and how unresolved issues tend to weigh heavy on people's minds, Ažman also said.


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