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SipaBoards Gets Strong Nod from Kickstarter Community


The Kickstarter community embraced the idea by SipaBoards for a jet-propelled self-inflating paddle board, which raised more than double the initial goal.

The Sipaboards team were happy to be backed in such amount: "We are really thrilled about the reactions of the customers, who recognized the quality of the product and the team behind it."

The fundraising campaign, which included a promotional video of a Santa Claus riding a SipaBoard on the Ljubljanica, resulted in 250 orders, the majority coming from the United States.

Now, the company's primary concern is to start putting their money to work. The production line is expected to kick off on Friday, while the first orders will be shipped out in late summer.

Sipaboards's is one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns for a Slovenian company.

Flykly remains the record holder with over 700,000 dollars raised for their smart battery-powered hub for bicycle wheels in 2013.

Another success is the Goat Mug designer cup, which raised some 460,000 dollars.


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