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Chamber of Commerce Announces Industrial Policy Manifesto


The idea was presented as part of a conferee, which is entitled Slovenia 5.0 - Let's Speed Up the Growth of Slovenian Industry and which heard participants note that Slovenia is still a fairly industrialised country.

GZS head Samo Hribar Milič said that it was common knowledge that reindustrialisation has gained in prominence in the EU in the recent period. While industry in Slovenia is falling apart, other companies have started "rising from the ashes" after the crisis.

GZS analyst Bojan Ivanc explained that industry remained important in Slovenia. It is employing 188,000 people and accounted last year for 30% of sales, 57% of exports, EUR 6bn of added value and EUR 2bn of earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.

The sectors with the biggest potential include pharmacy, the chemical industry, electronics, tires and plastics, vehicles, machinery and devices, metal products and non-metal mineral products. There were fewer layoffs in these industries between 2007 and 2013 and export and profit were higher.

Ivanc highlighted among the problems a low share of scientists and engineers among the graduates, saying the share of companies unhappy with the skills of their employees was the second highest in the EU.

The GZS-organised conference meanwhile listed among the plans until 2020 an increase in the added value in Slovenia's strongest industries to 80% of EU average, which means a rise of two percentage points a year.


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