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Maraaya Aiming for Eurovision Final


Maraaya, the husband-and-wife duo of Raay and Marjetka, are among the top ten in the various bookmakers' rankings, though well behind favourites Sweden, Russia and Italy.

They will appear with Here For You, a catchy electro-pop tune that The Guardian for example described as "a Duffy and German winner Lena lovechild".

Their signature look are huge headphones that according to their own admission have more aesthetic than practical value.

In the dress rehearsals Maraaya opted for a minimalist setting with Marjetka, Raay on the piano and a dancer performing an air violin routine.

The Slovenian delegation has been in Vienna for almost two weeks promoting their song and the country.

The Slovenian Embassy in Vienna hosted a Slovenian night Monday, with Maraaya performing for ambassadors, businessmen and government officials.


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