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New Media Legislation Targets Hate Speech, Music Quotas


The amendments would expand editorial responsibility to comments and other feedback by consumers of media content, in a bid to curb hate speech.

Editors-in-chief will have to publish rules on commenting and remove offending comments, according to the bill.

The provisions reflect a growing concern over hate speech that in January led to the creation of an anti-hate speech council by an NGO.

The second set of key provisions, on quotas for Slovenian music, addresses an issue that has been the subject of fierce debate recently, pitting authors against media owners.

While the bill leaves the 20% quota for Slovenian music intact, it determines that the quota needs to be fulfilled in daytime broadcasting, between 6 AM and 10 PM.

Radio stations have so far mainly observed the quota but many opted to play Slovenian music during night time to offset the English language dominated daytime airplay.

The Culture Ministry said media legislation required a "thorough overhaul", which will be forthcoming. This bill will merely address the most pressing issues.


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