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First Footgolf Course in Slovenia Opening in Bovec


Footgolf is little known in Slovenia, and the head of the Footgolf Association of Slovenia Andrej Manfreda believes that the new course at the Bovec Golf Club will help promote this precision sport in the country.

"Footgolf is a mixture of football and golf. The aim is to put a football into a half-metre hole with fewest kicks possible. The game is played on a golf course according to golf rules," Manfreda explained.

While the origins of footgolf are unclear, the first nine-hole tournament on a golf course, played according to the rules that are used today, was organized in the Netherlands in 2008. It is very popular in the US and Argentina.

The closest footgolf courses to Slovenia until now were those in Zagreb, Croatia and Budapest, Hungary. Manfreda believes the opening of the first course in Slovenia will encourage other golf clubs to do the same.

The sport is suitable for all, including children and the elderly. One game takes around three hours, during which players cover around two and a half kilometres.

The course in Bovec will host in June the finals of an international tournament organised by the European Footgolf Federation and an open Slovenian championship.


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