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One in Six Slovenian Jobs Depends on Exports


This means that one in six jobs in Slovenia involves export activities, while Slovenian exports to countries outside the EU also support 20,000 jobs in the rest of the EU, a comparative study for 1995-2011 released by the European Commission on Monday shows.

Some 65% of all export-related posts in Slovenia were in manufacturing in 2011, while in 1995, the share of these jobs stood at 72%.

On the other hand, jobs in the services sector increased by eight percentage points to 32% from 1995 to 2011.

The rest of export-related jobs were in the primary sector, which among others includes agriculture and mining.

Between 1995 and 2011, exports from Slovenia to Russia dropped by two points to 11%, while exports to the US were down from 12% to 7%.

On the contrary, Slovenia's exports to China jumped from zero to 5%.

At the EU level (Croatia excluded), meanwhile, one in seven jobs is related to exports.

In the surveyed period the Union saw a rise in employment related to exports by 67% to 31.1 million jobs.

The bulk of the growth can be attributed to Germany, since employment in export activities there grew by 4 million jobs, the survey shows.

Germany, which provided almost a quarter of all export-related employment, was followed by Italy (960,000 jobs) and Poland (860,000 jobs).


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