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The Company Postojnska jama, d.d. Receives Top Award for Marketing Excellence 2015


The award is given to companies that follow the mission of the Association and put marketing into practice as a business orientation. They are a role model for the Slovenian economy, as they are able to use actual figures to show the role marketing plays in improving companies' business results.

'The transition from an individual to the company is an important conceptual leap, which confirms the business function of marketing within the organization. Thus, the award has been earned by the whole company, whose marketing focus, mentality and approaches make the company a role model for the entire marketing and business community, and is in line with the long-term strategy of the Association', was part of what DMS wrote in its press release.
The panel of judges, which consisted of Darko Dujič (DMS and, Aleksandra Brank (Bisnode), Peter Frankl (Časnik Finance), Luka Grilc (Nordica), Martin Logar (British Slovenian Chamber of Commerce), Ajša Vodnik (AmCham Slovenia) and Vesna Žabkar (Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana) reviewed a total of 29 received applications and made the final selection of finalists in three categories. Among the finalists, all excellent companies, the awards in individual categories were received by the companies Celtra, Postojnska jama, d.d., Krka and Adriatic Slovenica, and the title of the grand winner and the top award was given to Postojnska jama, d.d.

Explanation of the award:
'Postojna Cave: Top Marketing, Top Results'

Postojna Cave is part of the world's natural heritage and is on the must-see list of almost every tourist who visits Southeast Europe. Annually, this natural attraction is visited by more than half a million people. The cave became a famous tourist destination owing to the marketing that continuously strives to create needs. 'Given the fact that we manage a world-class cultural and natural heritage site, our primary task is to excite the desire for basic instincts embedded in man's genes - beauty, silence, darkness and adventure', has been pointed out by the Postojna Cave operator. However, the cave is no longer merely a tourist destination, today it is much more. Its additional products and services with a touch of glamour have made it a real experience. Therefore, it is no wonder that the strategic marketing orientation has brought about visitor satisfaction and the best reviews at web portals, such as TripAdvisor. In fact, the company's overall strategy originates in marketing decisions based on sustainable development - everything they do needs to be in the best interest of Postojna Cave. They believe that 'the marketing principles are binding for all departments. Sales, the cave tour guide service, food and beverage establishments and event organisation need to be subordinate to the marketing platform. Top marketing means top business results.'


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