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Telekom Austria Buys ISP Amis, Unofficially for EUR 30M


Amis held a 11.5% market share in fixed broadband in 2014, trailing Telekom Slovenije (35.1%), T-2 (28.4%) and Telemach (19.7%).

It has persistently also held around between 9% and 10% in IP-telephony, while it has been slowly increasing its market share in IP-television to take it to 13.1% in 2014.

The move continues the consolation of the Slovenian telecommunications market. Cable operator Telemach completed in April the acquisition of Slovenia's third largest mobile operator Tušmobil, unofficially for around EUR 110m.

Telemach, which also bought in 2013 cable operator Elektro Turnšek for an estimated EUR 25m, is moreover said to be eyeing broadband operator T-2.

What is more, Telekom Slovenije, which is in the process of being privatised, acquired in February the No. 4 mobile service provider Debitel, unofficially for EUR 13m.


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