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COOPY Life's Little Shortcut with a Special Emergency Button


Successful Slovenian Kickstarter campaigns such as the wireless charger Swich, the wooden amplifier Trobla, the smart paddleboard SipaBoards, the smart wheel FlyKly, pinholes cameras ONDU, the Bluetooth item finder Chipolo and the coffee mug Goat Mug, prompted a new outlook in Slovenia, as entrepreneurship has been on the fast rise in recent years. Since crowdfunding has become an accepted way to obtain the necessary funds, it is an excellent opportunity for PentaSens to set up manufacturing and production lines, while testing the global market and getting COOPY devices directly to the backers.

Pentasens Inc. , the creator and developer of smartphone compatible devices and applications,launched a Kickstarter campaign for its gadget, COOPY, a small, hand-held tool, which provides users a solution to complete multiple functions by simply clicking a button. The campaign kicked off on June 3, 2015 and it is available here:


Smartphone devices play a significant role in our lives as we are using them everywhere. Sometimes people want to use their smartphones to complete a simple action but are not able to do so or thecircumstances are too dangerous.

A Slovenian team of five technology enthusiasts, within the company Pentasens, created and developed a smartphone compatible device and launched a Kickstarter campaign for the gadget COOPY - a compact wearable device, which acts as a smartphone shortcut, providing users with the possibility to complete multiple functions with a single click.

Five friends can help the world become easier and safer place to live

With COOPY, the action of sending a predefined text is swift and executed with just the click of a button, which you can designate yourself. In case of an emergency situation, you can send out an urgent message to a designated contact, alerting them that something is wrong and providing them with your exact coordinates. COOPY can also locate people or items such as your children, pets, keys or luggage.

COOPY can also do many other things that will make your life easier. Snapping pictures of yourself hands free and sharing them online, turning on your home appliances, setting your room with a relaxing ambiance, and so much more can all be accomplished with just one simple click of a button. Moreover, the feature "time and location awareness" allows your device to change functions automatically depending on when and where you are at a certain location.


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