The Slovenia Times

Daily "Delo" Urges Unconditional Help to Refugees


What makes someone risk their life by crossing the Mediterranean in an overcrowded boat, the paper wonders while pointing out that one, while hearing refugee counts and death tolls, often tends to forget that each of them has a story to tell.

Second thoughts about taking in refugees seem legitimate. So do concerns about security. And the fact that some actually are not fleeing from war but from poor economy and are thus not eligible for a status of a refugee, Delo points out.

But maybe extreme poverty should also be included in the Geneva convention, the daily says, adding that a humane perspective on the matter surely recognizes a deadly journey overseas in pursuit of better life is reason enough to take someone in as refugee.

On the one hand, it is not a sign of our generosity to protect those fleeing from war, it is our moral duty, the paper says.


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