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Over 600 Slovenian Companies Have Visited Expo in Search of New Ties


Some 460 companies have so far decided to join Expo Business Matching, a web-based matching solution, which "aims to offer the international business community an unrivalled chance to promote its excellence, expertise and leadership".

As many as 60,000 businesses from around the world have joined the platform, which enables setting up meetings in the seek of new cooperation.

At the same time, Slovenia decided to promote its enterprises through a business centre, which serves as an information and support point in organising meetings and business events, the Slovenian investment and tourism promotion agency said.

"The decision to set up a business centre in the Slovenian pavilion has proven right, having exceeded all expectations. It is a global meeting point for Slovenian entrepreneurs and their colleagues from other countries," head of the centre Bojan Škoda told the press.

Furthermore, the Slovenian Embassy in Italy, Spirit, the GZS and the Slovenian Economic Office in Milan have joined forces to help Slovenian companies penetrate foreign markets.

Slovenian businesses can present their activities at the Slovenian pavilion or opt for promotional cooperation, including a presentation at the Slovenia Expo 2015 website or a feature in Slovenia's business publication.

Business representatives have also taken part in business delegations organised by the EU, the Spirit agency and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS).

Two business delegations organised by the EU featured a total of 17 Slovenian companies engaging in networking with as many as 1,000 foreign potential business partners.

Meanwhile, another 50 enterprises joined three delegations organised by the GZS and Spirit. Several other small delegations focusing on the wine industry, olive production and tourism have also visited Milan.


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