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Cerar Impressed by Dedication of Troops Abroad


Officers serving in international missions in Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lebanon and Afghanistan reported to Cerar on their missions, relations with the local population and the situation on ground.

They in particular underscored the high level of motivation and morale of the servicemen and women, with Cerar expressing satisfaction with their strong commitment to set goals.

The Slovenian Armed Forces are providing international peace and security through missions abroad, and have a good, even excellent relations with locals, Cerar told reporters.

Speaking after talking with the Slovenian commanders abroad ahead of National Day, Cerar said he was impressed by the competence displayed by Slovenian troops on international missions.

He cited one of the commanders as saying that "Slovenians are such we always want to prove ourselves", wishing for as much such keenness as possible in Slovenia as well.

Cerar, who made the comments during a visit to the Defence Ministry, would also want for the soldier's profession to be better appreciated in society.

He said the government was making the effort not to cut defence expenditure for now, but promised for an increase in funding for when the country secures sustainable growth.

Speaking about the ministry's plans, Defence Minister Andreja Katič said the focus in the second half of the year would be on overhauling the defence act, which requires a two-thirds majority in parliament to pass.

Another key document that she singled out was the mid-term defence programme.

Cerar and Katič also discussed preparations for an official visit by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on 13 July.


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