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Slovenia's Top Exporters of 2014 Are Krka, Gen-I and HSE


Krka sold EUR 1.09bn worth of products on foreign markets last year, while the sales revenues of power distributor Gen-I and power producer HSE reached EUR 1.03bn and EUR 760m, respectively.

The Novo mesto-based pharma recorded a 2.5% increase compared to 2013, Gen-I's revenues were up by 9.8%, while HSE was faced with a 27% drop in sales.

The share of exports in Krka's total revenue reached 95.7%, Gen-I generated 78.8% of its revenue abroad, while the share for HSE stood at 57.7%.

The top three exporters are followed by Revoz, the Slovenian car assembly plant of the French car maker Renault, with almost EUR 740m in sales abroad (up 14.5% from 2013) and an 86.8% share of exports in total revenue, and another pharma company, Lek.

Lek increased its sales abroad by 2.9% to almost EUR 720m last year, with the exports accounting for 94.4% of total revenue.

The list of top ten exporters includes household appliance maker Gorenje (EUR 610m, +4.2%, 88.8%), aluminium producer Impol (EUR 400m, -1.6%, 76.1%), car components manufacturer Cimos (EUR 400m, -2.8%, 96%), steel producer Acroni (EUR 360m, +12.9%, 86.6%) and house appliance maker BSH Hišni aparati (EUR 250, -19.8%, 91.2%).

The top three most successful exporters in terms of sales revenues abroad, exports growth, EBITDA margin, net profit margin and the ratio between net profit and added value and exports per employee were meanwhile industrial construction company Izoteh, gaming supplier Interblock and automotive textiles maker Filc.

Finance compiled the lists based on the data by the business analysis firm Bisnode and the Agency for Public Legal Records and Related Services.


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