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Traditional Slovenian Language Seminar for Foreigners Opening


Over 100 participants from 24 countries will take part in lectures on Slovenian language, literature and culture during the event running until 17 July.

Touching on expert questions related to the Slovenian language, including the latest trends, as well as developments in culture and literature, the seminar is focused on foreign Slovenian learners, including professors, scientists, students and translators.

The seminar has been held on annual basis since 1965 by the Department for Slavic Languages and Literature at the Ljubljana Faculty of Arts.

This year's proceedings will be held under the title "The State and Nation in Slovenian Language, Literature and Culture", with a focus on how statehood and nationhood are expressed through the mother tongue.

Lectures, conversation classes and expert presentations will be held as part of morning sessions at the seminar. Among the special guests to deliver lectures will be independent MP Bojan Dobovšek, language professor Igor Grdina and literary historian Silvija Borovnik.

Afternoon and evening sessions will meanwhile include theatre viewings, visits to art exhibitions and cinema sessions.


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