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Slovenia to Transpose EU Rules on Consumer Disputes


The deadline for transposing the directive on out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes is today, while an EU regulation on on-line dispute resolution for consumer disputes will be implemented as of 9 January 2016.

The rules are to increase legal security of retailers and on-line stores and consumers.

The government expects the bill to gradually cut the number of disputes that reach courts so as to decrease their workload.

The bill sets general rules for out-of-court settling of consumer disputes and conditions and principles that must be obeyed in the process by both state-owned and private entities.

The implementation of the bill will be overseen by the Economic Development and Technology Ministry.

The government also endorsed today a number of changes to related laws, including on investment funds and management companies, electronic communications, postal services, consumer loans, payment services, and the energy law.

The motions are to be discussed in parliament as a package, so as to enable the changes to take effect simultaneously, the government said.


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