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Central Bank Buys EUR 888M in Bonds until June


In a bid to prop up inflation and economic growth, the ECB started buying off state bonds and bonds of transnational institutions as part of the programme on 9 March. By the end of September 2016, it plans to buy EUR 60bn worth of bonds in euros a month, which totals EUR 1,140bn.

Banka Slovenije can buy up to EUR 294m from banks and other financial institutions per month.

The bonds of the SID development bank are available for buying as of 15 April, while those of the motorway company DARS as of this month.

DARS currently has only three bonds, worth some EUR 160m, according to the central bank.

ECB has purchased EUR 198.15bn worth of bonds by the end of June.

The central banks of Germany, France and Italy have bought EUR 46.3bn, EUR 36.3m and 31.6m worth of bonds, respectively. 


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