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Working Week in Slovenia among Longest in EU


Slovenia had a 40-hour working week last year, which compares to the actual working week of 39.5 hours in the whole of the EU (the survey also included Norway).

The highest number of working hours a week was recorded in Romania at 41, followed by Luxembourg and the UK at 40.9. The shortest working week was in Finland and France at only 37.3 hours.

Employees in the member states that joined the EU in 2004 or later work an average 40.1 hours a week, almost an hour more than those in the older member states (39.3 hours).

An analysis across five sectors showed the shortest average agreed working week in the EU was in the banking industry at 37.6 hours, and the longest in retail at 38.4 hours.

A comparison between periods of statutory minimum leave of employment in EU member states and in Norway shows Slovenia has one of the shortest with 20 days of minimum statutory leave.

This compares to 25 days in Austria and Italy, while the average for the EU was 25.1 days. The 15 old member states had a minimum statutory leave of 26.4 days and the new members 21 days.


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