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Sale Revenue Rose in 2014 after Two Years of Decline


In retail, revenues totalled EUR 12.09bn, of which EUR 2.87bn came from food and drinks sold in discount stores.

An annual decrease in sales was recorded only in fuel retail (-4.3% to EUR 2.28bn) and electric appliances and devices (-0.3% to EUR 416.89m).

The Statistics Office attributes the drop in fuel sales to the economic situation in the country and also to prices, which are higher than in Slovenia's neighbouring countries.

The biggest rise in revenue was recorded in the sale of medicines, medical equipment and cosmetics (+17.5% to EUR 1.1bn) and tobacco (+13.8% to EUR 565.94m).

Also popular were the so-called green products, which recorded an 11.6% rise in revenues to EUR 328.75m, and clothes and footwear (+11.2% to EUR 812.69m).

According to the Statistics Office, the ten biggest retailers in Slovenia generated more than 40% of total sales revenues, while the top 20 generated a half of all retail revenues.

Wholesale companies meanwhile reported of EUR 11.76bn revenue, most of which came from goods other than food (EUR 6.47bn). Sales of food, drinks and tobacco was up the most, by 9.4% to EUR 2.24bn.

Solid, liquid and gas fuel was the only group of products whose sales dropped (by 8.8% to EUR 1.5bn).

In wholesale, the most revenue was generated in the sale of coke and petroleum products, medicines and other pharmaceutical products, cars, animal products and tobacco products.

Big companies were not as dominant as in retail, with the top ten wholesalers generating about a fifth of total revenue and the top 20 accounting for 30% of all sales.


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