The Slovenia Times

Slovenia Recorded Negative Net Migration in 2014


Compared to 2013, the number of people moving in (13,846) was down by 0.2%, while the number of those moving out of the country (14,336) was up by 7.1%.

Net migration of Slovenian citizens was negative for the fifteenth consecutive year, standing at 5,594, while net migration for foreign citizens was negative for the sixteenth year in a row, at 5,104.

Among the people moving to Slovenia last year, 82% were foreigners, mostly coming from the former Yugoslav republics (60%). Citizens of other EU countries follow with 29%.

In 2014, Slovenians were returning to their homeland mostly from other EU member states (68%), especially Germany, Austria and Croatia.

Some 14% returned from former Yugoslav republics, mostly from Serbia.

The average age of foreigners moving in stood at 31.6 years, while Slovenians returning to the country were older, 38.3 on average.

Slovenians were mostly moving out to go to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia and the UK.

Foreigners meanwhile traded Slovenia for other former Yugoslav republics or other EU countries.


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