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Poorest Pensioners Getting Annual Bonuses


Of around 600,000 pensioners in the country, 488,500 are eligible for this year's annual bonuses, of which 469,500 are pensioners and 19,000 recipients of disability pensions. They will receive a total of EUR 105.7m, according to the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute (ZPIZ).

Pensioners who receive pensions of up to EUR 414 will get the highest bonus of EUR 390. Those receiving pensions between EUR 414 and EUR 518 will get a EUR 250 bonus, and those with pensions between EUR 518 and EUR 622 a bonus of EUR 190.

The lowest bonuses of EUR 140 will go to pensioners receiving pensions of between EUR 622 and EUR 750.

The annual allowance for pensioners is an equivalent of holiday allowance for employees and is seen as an instrument helping out pensioners who receive lowest pensioners.

It will be paid out to pensioners receiving pensions higher than EUR 622 for the first time since the entry into force of the 2012 fiscal consolidation act.

Coalition Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) leader Karl Erjavec has recently confirmed after talks with Finance Minister DuĊĦan Mramor that the annual bonuses will also be paid out next year to pensioners receiving pensions up to EUR 750.


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