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Jobless Total Down, But Fewer Jobs for Those on the Roll


The service registered 109,557 unemployed in July. This is 0.6% down from the month before and 5.7% down year-on-year.

"Despite the increased inflow of those whose fixed-term employments ended typical for July, unemployment kept falling, although at a slower pace than in the previous months," the service said in a press release.

The number of newly registered jobless rose by 17.7% from June and by 3.3% from July 2014 to 7,156. Most (4,289) saw their fixed-term contracts expire, 1,187 were made redundant and 694 were fresh from school.

Out of 7,844 checked out of the unemployment register, 5,232 got employed or self-employed. The figure marks a drop of 7.9% from June and a fall of 6.6% year-on-year.

"The lower scope of employment this year is mainly due to fewer possibilities for the enrolment of the unemployed into subsidised employment programmes," the release from the Employment Service reads.

A year-on-year comparison in the unemployment structure shows the most substantial increase was in the percentage of the long-term unemployed, which was up by 3.5 percentage points.


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