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Radio Sticks to Music, TV to News Programmes


Radio stations broadcast a total 540,535 hours in 2014. Similarly to the year before, music dominated the air time (65%), followed by entertainment shows and sports, according to the Statistics Office.

Commercials and promotional programmes got about 8% of the radio broadcasting time.

Radio stations spent 78,958 hours reporting about regional topics, nearly 30% more than a year before.

Traffic information was broadcast by 39 radio stations, while 49 also had their own web pages.

The 55 TV stations broadcast a total 350,288 hours, while commercials and promotional programmes occupied a little over a half, similarly to the year before.

The remaining half of the broadcasting time was dominated by news programmes, followed by cartoons, music, sports and entertainment.

The TV broadcasters produced 33,433 hours of programmes dedicated to regional topics, which is 16% more than in 2013.

Streaming was offered by 11 TV broadcasters and audio-visual contents by 17, while 28 broadcasters had their own web pages.


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