The Slovenia Times

Seaport Passenger Numbers Down, Cargo Up in 2014


Nearly 4,180 ships sailed into the ports in Koper, Izola and Piran last year, a 4% drop over 2013. A vast majority, nearly 3,740 of them were cargo ships, while 440 were passenger vessels.

The number of cargo ships dropped by 0.9% compared to 2013, while the drop in passenger boats reached 24.2%, the statistics show.

The number of passengers meanwhile dropped to 87,390 (-8.8%). Big cruise ships that dock at Koper port brought nearly 60,480 passengers, which was 10.6% less than the year before, while nearly 26,910 passengers (-4.4%) used passenger ships and other vessels.

While the passenger numbers dropped, the transshipment at Luka Koper reached 18.10 million tonnes, a 4,8% improvement over 2013.

Bulk cargo accounted for 37% of cargo going through Koper port, while containers accounted for 33% of cargo in weight.


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