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Defunct Cigarette Factory Hosts Ljubljana's First Urban Culture Fest


The organisers, the Tobačna-located Klub Zoo and the Lightbox creative studio, said they wanted to provide an overview of Ljubljana's urban subcultures and the different types of music they generate.

Each festival day, running between 10 and 16 August, will start in the afternoon with artistic and sports activities. Young artists will be on hand, there will be a flea market and workshops ranging from graphiti art to DJing.

Evening concerts are planned at ZOO's garden and night events inside the club. The lineup includes popular acts such as Muff, Elvis Jackson, General Woo, Severa and Gal Gjurin, jazz musicians Ratko Zjaca, Vid Jamnik, Robert Jukič and Ratko Divjak as well as many more musicians and DJs.


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