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Slovenian Companies Optimistic About Competitiveness


The survey, which was part of a broader study on European competitiveness, focused on three elements of corporate durability - high market capacity (strength), responsiveness to market development (agility), and structural cost advantage (leanness).

Ninety-three percent of Slovenian companies aim to improve their strength and agility, while only 7% intend to focus on leanness. This shows that Slovenian companies maintain a positive corporate outlook, which gives them a development advantage over their regional counterparts alongside with companies from Macedonia, the survey shows.

A.T. Kearney analysts point out that balancing the three elements mentioned above should be the transformational goal of every company, as it gives a better outlook for future success. Though all companies put great importance on all three factors, only half of those from SE Europe addressed them fully.

The study also focused on the companies' approach to the five building blocks of their operative model - technology enablement, processes, structure and governance, resource configuration, along with capabilities and corporate culture.

It found that companies focus mainly on the first three, which analysts consider to be the most significant. Those that address at least four of these building blocks perceive clear competitive advantages, while companies which focus on two or less do not.

The business leaders interviewed in the study were from leading companies from various industries in Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Montenegro. Two-in-five of the respondents were CEOs, the rest were members of management boards and other top corporate officials.

The study found only slight differences across industries and geographical regions. The most important factor is a company's attitude toward transformation in order to prepare for the future and on implementing transformation measures.

"This research confirms our experiences that transformation leads to higher future competitiveness," says Domen Zadravec, Slovenian representative and principal at A.T. Kearney.

"Almost all companies understand how important it is to begin taking necessary transformation measures, many companies are even capable of implementing them completely.

A.T. Kearney conducted a study on the economic situation in SE Europe last year, in which Slovenia also held a favourable position, having the highest GDP per capita ratio and the second highest GDP within the region. The position was found to be directly linked to Slovenia's corporate situation.


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