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Housing, Unemployment Raised as Biggest Issues on Youth Day


Unemployment remains one of the biggest problems for Slovenians under the age of 30, as it has risen to 19.1%, according to data for 2013.

Moreover, the share of employed youth stood at 26.7% last year after dropping steadily since 2008, Tina Hočevar of the Youth Council told the press.

However, the situation has started to improve this year, she added. A positive trend has also started to emerge in the increase of long-term jobs for the young.

Youth, who represent some 17% of the population in Slovenia, also have a tough time finding affordable apartments. Neža Repanšek of the council underlined the need for a special housing programme, adding that there were more than 174,500 empty apartments in Slovenia.

Moreover, the Student Organisation of Slovenia, pointed to the need to improve health care access for students who study away from home.

Moreover, the umbrella student organisation wants the youth to get more involved in the policy-making process in health care, as this is one of the fields in which the young are less poorly involved.

President Borut Pahor visited on International Youth Day Brands of Friends, a small shop of young designers and start-ups in the Ljubljana city centre.

He underlined that the older generations should not be patronizing toward the youth, forcing them to vote. "When [youth] will feel the need to change something, they will do it. Just like we did....And it will be more radical than we can imagine now."


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