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Sarajevo Festival to Feature Several Slovenian Films


The festival will see the Slovenian Film Centre (SFC), which takes the credit for Slovenia's regular appearance at the SFF, celebrate its 20 years of existence.

As part of the Slovenian Day, festival-goers will be able to watch world premiers of Metod Pevec's documentary "Dom" (Home) and Boris Petković's romantic comedy Utrip Ljubezni (The Beat of Love) on Wednesday.

Pevec's documentary will vie for best documentary, while Petković's feature film will be presented as part of the TeenArena programme of the festival.

According to Petković, it is only positive that a film gets an opportunity to be screened at a festival such as the SFF, "which is the biggest in former Yugoslavia's territory and one of the biggest in Europe".

In his opinion, being part of a foreign film festival is not only good promotion for the feature i self, it also gives a more straightforward feedback to the film makers: "We do not pat our backs like in Slovenia over there. There is no hypocrisy."

The festival will also feature a concert by Zlatko, a popular Slovenian rapper and one of the actors in "Utrip ljubezni".

Many internationally acclaimed guests are expected to be seen at the SFF, including Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro, who will receive the festival's top honour, the Heart of Sarajevo Award.


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