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Teran and Prosciutto to Be Tasted at Festival


The south-western region of Kras is famous for its prosciutto dry ham and Teran red wine.

With its distinct taste, "kraški pršut", as it is called in Slovenian, was recognized by the European Commission as a product with designated origin.

The "pršut" goes excellently with Teran, a deeply red wine which is also protected at the European level.

Celebrating its 45th anniversary this year, the festival, organized by the Kraševci za Kras local society, was first held in the village of Dutovlje back in 1970.

It is an important event promoting the region's rich cultural heritage.

Svetozar Raspopović, one of the organisers of the event, has told the public broadcaster RTV SLO that this year's festival was co-organised by locals, which gives it a very authentic feel.

"Since Kras varies from village to village - in terms of location, weather, and temperament - the festival will be a veritable cultural phenomenon."

He adds that prosciutto is not the only cornerstones of Kras culture. These also include stone, the Škocjan Caves, Teran, Lipizzans, Avgust Černigoj, a famous constructivist painter, and Srečko Kosovel, a world-renowned modernist poet.

Tomorrow, festival goers will be welcomed with a slice of prosciutto and a glass of Teran.

Winemakers will then open their cellars to the public, while stonecutters and woodcarvers will present their traditional crafting methods.

The festival will be officially launched with numerous prosciutto and wine tastings, culminating with a procession of 12 Lipizzans, which will feature the festival's honorary sponsor, Slovenian President Pahor.

The Lipizzan stallions originate in the nearby village of Lipica and are considered a Slovenian national treasure.

The elegant white horses are one of the rarest breeds in the world. In 1996 the Lipica Stud Farm as a whole was declared a cultural monument of national importance.


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