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Slovenia Top in ECHR Report by Human Rights Violation Rate


A report providing the court's statistics for 1959-2014 shows that the ECHR received more than 8,400 cases against Slovenia, judging in 323 of the cases and finding at least one violation in 304 cases.

Most of the violations established concern the right to trial within a reasonable time and the right to effective legal remedy.

A graphic analysis of the ECHR support on the Rights Info portal finds Slovenia has the highest violation rate relative to its population with 148 violations per million people.

The country is followed by Malta with 102 violations per million people, Moldova (76), Bulgaria (68) and Greece (67). The rates are lowest in Spain (2), Germany (2), Denmark (3), Ireland (5) and the UK (5).

Slovenia, a member of the court since 1993, has lost in 94% of the cases, the same rate as Russia. Ukraine fared the worst at 99%, followed by Hungary and Azerbaijan at 95%.

The lowest rates of lost human rights cases were recorded by Denmark (33%), Sweden (41%), the UK (59%), the Netherlands (59%) and Switzerland (62%), according to the Rights Info portal.

Since its foundation, the ECHR has taken decisions in about 627,500 cases, issuing judgements in roughly 18,000 cases. Almost half concerned five countries, Turkey (3095), Italy (2312), Russia (1604), Romania (1113) and Poland (1070).

At least one violation was established in 84% of all cases handled. More than 42% pertain to fairness and duration of trial.


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