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Slovenia Could Face Influx in Asylum Seekers as Hungary Builds Wall


The country has drafted an action plan for this scenario, but it is still unclear how it would respond if refugees started arriving en masse.

The ministry did not say whether there has already been an influx of asylum seekers in Slovenia but it did say migration currents could increase across the border with Croatia if the "absorption capacity of the most exposed countries is exceeded".

In this case Slovenia will face more secondary migrations within the EU, which are not controlled, the ministry told the STA on Friday. It added that Slovenia adopted in July a contingency plan, similar to those drafted by all EU members.

The document lays out several scenarios depending on the number of migrants. The most severe scenario is drafted for the needs of some 900 asylum seekers, which would require the use of the military's emergency housing facilities.

The contingency plan is not based on the migrant quota agreement reached recently by EU members. Under this agreement, Slovenia is to take in some 250 people seeking refuge in the EU.

Expectedly asylum seekers will gradually start arriving in Slovenia as part of the quota scheme toward the end of the year.

Slovenia has received 110 asylum requests so far this year and approved 27, the Interior Ministry said earlier.

It also said that Slovenia would take part in two separate projects to provide aid to Serbia in dealing with the influx of asylum seekers and in addressing issues related to organised crime and human trafficking.


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