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Telekom Slovenije "Serious" about Serbian Telco Privatisation


It is "very likely" Telekom Slovenije will make a binding offer for the majority stake in November, Skobe said during an earnings call in Ljubljana.

Media reports suggest nine non-binding bids arrived for the Serbian telco, by three telecoms companies, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and five private equity funds.

While the privatisation of Telekom Slovenije was recently put on hold due to the withdrawal of the only remaining bidder, the bid for the Serbian telco is seen as an alternative privatisation method.

Media reports suggest the acquisition could be carried out by Telekom Slovenije, which does not have sufficient money, financing the deal with a capital injection from a foreign partner.

"Various private players are interested in cooperating with Telekom Slovenije in the privatisation of Telekom Srbija," Skobe said today.

Skobe described the Serbian telco privatisation as "one of the final opportunities" for regional consolidation that should not be missed.

Either Telekom Slovenije becomes a driver of regional consolidation or it will be swallowed up, he said.

The binding bids are due in November and Skobe said the company would "embark on the path of regional consolidation only with the support of the majority shareholder."


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