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Health Tourism - the essence of water in Slovenia


Slovenia lies on the water! In terms of drinking, thermal and curative water, the country is at the top of the European water scale. Considering its amazing structure, the list of diseases that the water treats or at least helps, is quite extensive. The Slovenian Spas Association represents fifteen spas and thermal baths and soon the youngest resort, Terme Snovik, which is only 30 km away from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, may join the society. Other official members will also soon include Terme Vivat from Moravske Toplice, which has already undergone the process in terms of suitable accommodation and food preparation for Arab guests. In addition, they have added an Olympic swimming pool for athletes with the exact temperature of the competition pools used in swimming meets. There are also two football fields heated by thermal hot water and therefore suitable for playing in the winter when there is snow around.

"Disease knows no borders," they say, which is also true of Slovenian natural spas whos reputation extends far beyond the borders of Slovenia. Whether someone needs treatment or rehabilitation after an operation, has rheumatic disease, cardiovascular disease, issues with their digestive tract, urinary tract issues, metabolism or damage to their musculoskeletal frame and spine, gynecological, neurological or pulmonary diseases.

Slovenian natural spa resorts are also the choice of world-renowned athletes who have been shocked by various injuries. The fact is that today, people are increasingly experiencing lifestyle related diseases due to inappropriate nutrition and stress. A sick body loses the ability to self-medicate and therefore many medical specialists not only treat but also advise on how to eat and live a healthy life.

Slovenian spas are a paradise for visiting guests who want to preserve their health or simply enjoy the beauty of Slovenia's natural resources. From sea mud baths, soaking in brine and massages to the drinking of the mineral water in Terme Radenci or Rogaška Slatina, the benefits of which were already known in the times of the Roman Empire, hence the name for the Roman Spa - Rimske toplice.

Wisdom, experience, a natural environment and sport. An active body feels good when exercising the spirit and Slovenian spas are definitely the flagship of Slovenian tourism which have a lot to offer in terms of their rich spiritual, cultural and folk life.


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