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Commissioner Bulc: EU Facing Major Challenge


"The EU strives to enable open roads and mobility for people and goods within the Schengen zone, especially transport-wise," Bulc said, reflecting on Hungary's decision to temporarily close the Budapest main train station on Tuesday.

Certain measures taken by EU members are a matter of interior policies and further synchronisation of their actions with the EU stance is settled through the corresponding instances at the EU level, Bulc continued, stressing that the events in Hungary did not directly fall under her jurisdiction.

Nonetheless, transport is part of migration policies, as it enables people's mobility and the transportation of goods. "In that sense, I believe we are facing a serious challenge as a civilisation today. We are all aware of that."

The Slovenian member of the European Commission believes a rational and systemic approach is the best way to solving the issue. In this way the EU would not be responding irrationally, but rather discusses its measures with all its members, which is why it sometimes seems to take ages, she said.

"I think immense progress has been made over the past nine months in terms of the European relation towards the refugee and migration policies," the commissioner pointed out.

The Hungarian authorities have closed down the Budapest central train station in order to prevent the refugees from taking trains towards Austria and Germany. Upon reopening it, the authorities banned refugees from entering the station.


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