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Ministry Unveils Plans for Green Economy


The document, published on the web site of the ministry on Monday, aims to reaffirm green economy as Slovenia's strategic goal and encourage cooperation among stakeholders for achieving this goal.

By going green, the Slovenian economy will become more competitive while people will understand and respect the limitations of the environment, the ministry believes.

The idea is to merge several different concepts, including green growth, circular economy, industrial symbiosis, efficient use of resources and sustainable development, as they all envisage working towards the same three goals.

These are efficient use of resources and materials in sustainable production and consumption, creating a quality working and living environment, and strengthening social equality, it adds.

The ministry wants to ensure support for the transition to a green economy by launching dialogue among various stakeholders so as to create synergies in the implementation of strategic documents.

It also wants to enhance the activities in the management of natural resources and encourage the development of the Slovenian know-how.


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