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Container Homes Maker Expanding Business due to High Demand


Arcont, the largest manufacturer of mobile containers in Europe, will introduce a third shift by the end of the year and gradually raise the number of its staff to over 700.

The company, whose sole owner is the Vienna-based Containex, has already employed 110 new workers this year and thus reached its maximum capacities for two shifts, CEO Branko Kurbus told the STA.

With the help of the Employment Service and social media, the company is looking for montage workers, plumbing and electronics technicians, carpenters, welders and metalworkers and is willing to pay commuting costs to people living not only 25km but up to 40km away from the factory.

Instead of producing 50 containers a day, the company plans to produce 60, which is to raise their monthly output from 1,000 to 1,200.

Kurbus said that their owner Containex and the parent company LKW Walter also had production facilities in the Czech Republic, Russia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and were selling 150 containers a day, which is 30 more than before the refugee crisis.

Arcont makes a container home in 52-65 hours, depending of the complexity of the model.

In five to six months, a "container village" consisting of 2,400 units can be built. In Berlin, five such villages has so far been set up, he noted.

Given the increased demand for the container homes in Europe, Arcont's half-year profit rose by 30% on EUR 28m in sales revenue. Last year the company generated EUR 51.4m in revenue.


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