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Slovenia to Accept 631 Refugees under New EU Proposal


Slovenia is to accept 82 refugees from Italy, 265 from Greece and 284 from Hungary, according to the latest draft proposal of the Commission that has been leaked to the public.

The distribution follows four criteria: the size of the population, GDP, average number of asylum applications per million citizens in 2010-2014 and unemployment, in ratios 40 : 40 : 10 : 10.

Media reports in recent days have suggested a different distribution under which Slovenia would take in 2,128 refugees, something that Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec said yesterday would be manageable for the country.

Speculation is rife and many documents are in circulation. For reliable information, it will be necessary to wait for the Commission to unveil its proposals, expectedly next week.

The Commission in May proposed for Slovenia to take in 297 refugees from Italy and 198 from Greece, plus 207 of asylum seekers from third countries, that is a total of 702 refugees.

As EU interior ministers agreed in late June on the relocation of about 55,000 refugees over the next two years, Slovenia pledged to take in 250.


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