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Slovenia to Get EUR 1.4M in EU Support Due to Milk Crisis


Agriculture Minister Dejan Židan said the amount had been expected and the farmers would get the money next year.

The detailed proposal for measures showed that a total of EUR 420m are to go to farmers facing problems in the milk, dairies and pork sectors.

Židan said the EUR 1.37m going to Slovenia had been expected given its size and that this was slightly more than in 2009 when the country got EUR 1.1m amid a similar crisis.

The minister said the commissioner got the support of members states for the distribution model presented.

Židan explained the Commission would provide for Slovenia 100% funding for temporary private storage of skimmed milked powder in case of milk surpluses on the market.

One question the minister failed to agree on today is related to the raising of the intervention price of milk or powdered milk.

"Just as we protect workers with the minimum wage so they don't get exploited, we should introduce a minimum price for individual agricultural products," was the position taken by Židan.


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