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Faymann and Cerar Urge Fast Action over Refugee Crisis


"We are being put to test. This is a time we must prove we don't want a Europe in which everyone will try to shift their problems onto the others' shoulders," Faymann told a joint news conference after the talks.

Cerar underscored Slovenia's commitment to protect the external border of the Schengen passport control-free area. "We are bound by the rules, which we intend to abide by consistently, this is our commitment."

He also touched on Slovenia's decision to reintroduce today checks on its border with Hungary, underlining that the country did not close the border, only stepped up oversight, so that the situation would be under control and Slovenia could face it in a "calm and controlled manner".

Meanwhile, the European Commission said today that after initial assessments the decision to introduce checks again for the first time after Slovenia entered the Schengen zone was in line with EU regulations.

Cerar and Faymann pledged for their countries to cooperate even more closely in the future. They share the view that the EU must "find as soon as possible a joint solution that would be in place for the entire Union and broader in Europe", said Cerar.

Faymann made a repeated call for an emergency EU summit and immediate action to deal with the crisis. He said the problem should start to be tackled at its roots, including by financing refugee camps in Syria's neighbours.

Radical and immediate measures are needed at the root of the problem, at the outer border. The EU must protect the outer border in Greece and at the same time respect the asylum policy. Action is needed immediately, he underlined.

He called for an EU policy to fund refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Humane conditions must be established there, so that people will be able to stay. "We have to wake up certain people in the EU," so that all EU countries will work toward a solution.

The Austrian chancellor also underscored that all the measures and legislation agreed must remain in force, including the Dublin Regulation, but which he said required improvements.

Faymann stopped in Ljubljana after meeting Croatian PM Zoran Milanović in Zagreb earlier today. The visits come as the flow of refugees headed for Croatia after Hungary closed its border with Serbia on Tuesday.

The prime ministers did not take any questions from the press so concrete plans remain unknown to the public.


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