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What Awaits Refugees Who Enter Slovenia


Entering the country

When refugees enter Slovenia, they are stopped by police and asked for documents. If their documents are in order, they can continue their journey, if not, police refer them to reception centres.

At reception centres

After arriving to one of the six reception centres in the country, the refugees are registered and offered medical care if necessary. They are then referred to other centres, depending on their status.

Those applying for international protection

Refugees who ask for international protection are referred to one of the accommodation facilities around the country, which can accept a total of 2,000 people. Another 3,000 people could be accommodated in tents.

Those who do not request international protection

Those who do not ask for asylum are referred to centres for foreigners, where they wait to be sent beck to the country they have come from. So far, most of them have been sent to the Centre for Foreigners in Postojna, SW.

While at the centre for foreigners, refugees can still apply for international protection and be subsequently transferred to other accommodation facilities.

If however they do not apply and the return to the country they have come from is not possible, they get transferred to facilities intended for such persons in the country.

Sanctions envisaged for those assisting illegal migrants

Anyone assisting a foreigner who has illegally entered Slovenia, is travelling through the country or lives here illegally, can be punished with a fine of EUR 2,000-4,500 and up to five years in prison.

People are advised to contact the police if they encounter refugees, so that appropriate procedures can be launched.

Offering assistance to asylum seekers or persons under international protection is not illegal.


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