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Horror "Idyll" Declared Best Film of Slovenian Film Festival


The jury found the two films to be standing out among a total of 63 feature-length and short films competing for awards at the festival, which brought six days of screenings in the coastal town of Portorož.

"Idyll serves to us on a tray in a serious and ironic way, as befits this genre, a specific perspective on the world we live in together," the jury wrote about the best feature film of the festival, which is built on a clash between Slovenian city and rural environment.

Idyll moreover featured the recipients of the awards for best female and male side roles, Nika Rozman and Jurij Drevenšek, while also receiving the Vesna for best script.

Cvitkovič, a recipient of awards from the San Sebastian Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival, was declared the best director, but not for his new feature film "Šiška De Luxe", but for "Love on the Roof of the World".

The 16-minute film wad declared the best short and moreover received awards for best original score and male actor, Ivo Bašin.

Mojca Fatur was declared the best female actor for her performance in "Štiri stvari, ki sem jih hotel početi s tabo" (Four Things I Wanted to Do with You) by Miha Knific.

The film critics' award for best feature film went to the debut feature of Matej Nahtigal "Psi brezčasja" (Case: Osterberg), a noir thriller.

The audience on the other hand picked the documentary film "Dom" (Home) by Metod Pevec, which intertwines the stories of several Bosnian immigrants and youngsters from broken homes living together in a boarding house.

A number of other awards were handed out in Portorož, notably also the Badjura Award for lifetime achievements, which went to Dunja Klemenc, considered the pioneer of professional film and TV production in Slovenia.


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