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Refugee Numbers Abating, Crowds at Border Crossings Thinning


The latest police data shows there were no more refugees waiting at Obrežje in the morning while there were still about 150 at the nearby local border crossing Rigonce.

The Obrežje international border crossing was temporarily closed for traffic last night due to a protest by restless refugees, but it reopened in the early morning.

Overnight the police processed the majority of the people waiting at the two crossings, transporting them with buses to reception and accommodation centres around the country. The latest bus left Obrežje this morning.

With Obrežje now empty, volunteers are rearranging tents that refugees left behind, as well as bigger tents provided by humanitarian organisations.

Jernej Arnež, the main coordinator of volunteers in nearby Brežice, told the STA that tents were being rearranged to maximise the available space.

Although a new surge is not expected immediately, nor are smaller groups, the makeshift camp will remain there for now and the volunteers will remain on duty, he said.

As of 6 AM today there were 1,086 persons in accommodation centres around the country.

But the numbers look set to change through the day.

On Saturday and Sunday most of those put up at accommodation centres just stayed the night and then made their way towards Austria.

Slovenian police initially attempted to return the refugees to Croatia but have now given up on that since Croatia has been rejecting them, the General Police Administration said.


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