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3,600 Refugees Registered so Far, Most Syrians


The data released by the police on Tuesday is still provisional and incomplete, but the police said that information on the number of migrants itself is pretty reliable.

The remaining data as per the refugees' country of origin and their final desired destinations is still being supplemented.

Refugee arrivals have meanwhile abated. Police at the Obrežje and Rigonce border crossings with Croatia, the main entry points for refugees in recent days, registered no migrants trying to enter illegally between Monday and Tuesday morning.

A makeshift camp set up by the refugees waiting to cross at Obrežje has meanwhile been removed so the site could be cleaned up and prepared for the arrival of potential new refugees.

The main reception centre at Brežice has been empty since Monday night when the last of the refugees were bussed to accommodation facilities in other parts of the country, according to a police spokesperson.

Only 560 refugees were still in Slovenia on Monday night, Srečko Šestan, the Civil Protection commander, told the private broadcaster POP TV last night.

Meanwhile, railway services between Slovenia and Croatia remain suspended until further notice.

Based on provisional and incomplete data provided by the police, the tables below show the number of migrants so far processed, their countries of origin, gender and age, and desired destinations.

Country of origin number
Syria 1,421
Afghanistan 706
Iraq 502
Pakistan 34
other 120
data not available 815
total number of migrants 3,598


Gender and age structure number
men 1,996
women 760
minors 672
data not available 170
total number of migrants 3,598


Destination country number
Germany 2,215
Sweden 144
Austria 67
other 286
data not available 886
total number of migrants 3,598


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