The Slovenia Times

Ceremony to Be Held for Teharje Victims


The memorial service is organised by the anti-communist outfit New Slovenian Testament and the local parish of Teharje.

The Teharje Memorial Park, designed by architect Marko Mušič, was built there to pay respect to the victims of the summary killings and promote national reconciliation. It was inaugurated ten years ago.

The location is the site where about 5,000 members of the Domobranci (Home Guard) militia and other prisoners were brought immediately after the end of the WWII. A majority of them were executed for alleged links to the Germans without being given a trial.

Teharje is the site of a former Nazi labour camp where the Germans kept the prisoners who took part in the defence of Celje. Soon after the end of WWII it was used as a camp where alleged opponents of the new Yugoslav authorities were brought before they were executed.


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