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Life of legendary skier Rok Petrovič to be put on stage


The play is a joint project of theatre director Matjaž Pograjc and journalist Boštjan Videmšek and will present the story of Petrovič as a "Kafkaesque fruitless battle against the system, marked by a strong sense of alienation".

Petrovič, holding a Slovenian record in consecutive victories in men's alpine skiing, drowned in 1993 while diving near the Croatian island of Korčula.

In the 1985/86 season, when he was at the peak of his career, he won the overall slalom rankings with five wins, beating both Ingemar Stenmark of Sweden and Slovenian champion Bojan Križaj.

The leading role will be played by Primož Bezjak, best known for his role of Djura, a co-lead in the 2007 blockbuster "Petelinji zajtrk" (Rooster's Breakfast).

The music was contributed by Silence, a due with close ties to Laibach, while the choreography is courtesy of Branko Potočen, a leading Slovenian choreographer.

The production will be strongly marked by visual effects, according to the SMG.

Videmšek, who was thinking of writing a book on Petrovič before joining the project, did most of the research for the play.

But his contribution was far from being merely factual, as he talked to many of the people who knew Petrovič before creating his own view of his personality.

The play also looks at Petrovič's attitude to society, his efforts to change the world around him, and the attitude of others towards him.

His death is not shown as tragic. "When he left, not many people were surprised. He had accomplished most of his goals and felt limited by the boundaries of his world," Videmšek said at a recent news conference.


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