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Slovenia can only accept 2,500 refugees a day, govt official says


Slovenia will start accepting additional refugees once a certain part leaves for Austria, he added.

According to Šefic, the process of admittance of refugees is being carried out without difficulties. The first 600 migrants were taken in around 8:30 a.m. from Croatia and accommodated in reception centres.

Some two hours ago the first 110 migrants already left the country, he told the press.

The Interior Ministry is expecting a train with some 1,800 migrants to arrive today from Croatia's Čakovec, 1,200 of whom will be brought to the border crossing of Središče ob Dravi, north-east, to be registered.

The rest will enter at the border crossings of Gruškovje and Petišovci and some possibly at Obrežje.

Another train has been announced for Sunday morning, but Slovenia will not accept the migrants from that train, according to Šefic.

He explained Slovenia decided already on Friday to accept 2,000-2,500 migrants, and that additional migrants will be accepted only when a part of them goes to Austria.

"We explained to the colleagues on the Croatian side that we want to have control over the acceptance and that we will accept only as many migrants as we can take care of," Šefic said, expressing hope that Croatia would respect this.

Šefic said Slovenia could sustain such a number of migrants for a while, but the problem would arise if Germany and Austria stopped taking them in.

"In this case we would have to think about more a permanent accommodation...system," he said.

He also said that international passenger transport with Croatia remains suspended "because we want to have control of what is going on".

Darko But, director of the Civil Protection and Disaster Relief Administration, added that all reception and accommodation centres in the country had been activated. Charities Red Cross and Caritas are also on stand-by.


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