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Staffing at bad bank in focus of parliament questions time


The question regarding the replacement of the two most senior members of the Bank Asset Management Company's (BAMC) board will be posed by Jernej Vrtovec of the opposition New Slovenia (NSi).

It comes less than two weeks after the government decided to dismiss BAMC president Lars Nyberg and recall CEO Torbjörn Mansson due to a loss of trust prompted by excessive management pay.

The conservative opposition has questioned the government's motives, wondering if the decision was an attempt to influence the work of what is supposed to be an independent institutions.

A second question will be posed by Democratic Party (SDS) MP Jože Tanko, who will inquire about procedures for appointing a new general manager at the UKC Ljubljana hospital.

Posing the final question reserved for the opposition will be independent MP Bojan Dobovšek, who will inquire about government measures aimed at weeding out systemic corruption.

The coalition question to the prime minister will come from the ranks of the Pensioner's Party (DeSUS) regarding the establishment of the demographic fund to prop up the pension purse.

Questions time will open the parliamentary plenary that is scheduled to run until Tuesday, 27 October. Among the highlights of the agenda is the new public procurement bill and a debate on recent developments at the bad bank.


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