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Over 50,000 refugees entered Slovenia so far


Today alone police registered 9,000 new arrivals, all of them coming through Rigonce, a local border crossing south-east of Brežice.

There are currently almost 11,000 in accommodation and reception centres around the country, Interior Ministry State Secretary Boštjan Šefic told the press.

He said the situation remained difficult but manageable.

But Šefic acknowledged Rigonce was under severe pressure, as it had never been meant as a major entry point for refugees.

Prime Minister Miro Cerar visited the nearby Brežice accommodation centre in the afternoon to get a first-hand look at the situation.

"Overall the situation is stable, but it is slightly more tense in Brežice, which has been the focal point of the latest arrivals," said Cerar.

Local authorities meanwhile continued to request that the government take action to alleviate the press on Brežice and its surroundings.

Brežice Mayor Ivan Molan, who accompanied Cerar, said that the municipality would like measures to be taken to transfer refugees elsewhere for registration due to their overwhelming numbers.

Cerar also used the occasion to praise the "courageous and selfless" work of all those involved in dealing with the situation and providing assistance to the refugees.

The burden on the services responding to the crisis is not expected to let up any time soon. Reports of new refugee arrivals in the EU from Turkey suggests the stream will continue in the coming days.

In the last five days 48,000 entered Greece, according to figures released today by the International Organisation on Migrations (IOM).


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